Victory Royale Bundle

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The NEW Victory Royale Bundle is everything you need to take your Battle Royale skills to the next level.

  • The Speed Build Pack v2.0 included in this bundle is a redesigned/reoptimized version of the very popular Speed Build Pack. The 2.0 version includes more surface space for your thumbs so you can always maintain control, along with a new Grip-Technology design that is engineered to feel the most natural and comfortable for the human finger. Along with Grip-Techs Signature Anti-Sweat Technology the Speed Build Pack v2.0 is garaunteed to transform you into a monster on the battle field. 
  • The Rapid Tap Triggers enable you to spam the trigger buttons 75% faster, which means increasing your rate of fire by 75%. If you are a Builder Pro user, that means you will be able to build any shape quickly and easily since 75% of the motion used on the triggers is eliminated.

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