GhostNinja Anti-Sweat Controller Skin + Precision Aim Pack!

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  • This pack includes BOTH the Precision Aim Pack (4 Pairs) and the LIMITED EDITION Ghost Ninja Anti-Sweat Silicone Skin Cover for a low bundled price!

    -Precision Aim Pack included in the bundle includes 4 unique pair of analog stick covers, whether you want to increase the height to add leverage and improve your accuracy, or simply want to have solid control of your thumb stick at all times, one of the pairs is guaranteed to be a perfect fit for YOU.

    -The GhostNinja Anti-Sweat Silicone Skin Cover included in this bundle is designed to fit your PS4 controller tightly, and the Grip-Tech Silicone Anti-Sweat Technology can transform your controller from being just a controller, to total battle machine. Play for HOURS and your hands will remain comfortable and sweat free.


    This product is compatible for Playstation PS4  (Skin Cover is PS4 only)



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